We each have our own unique relationship with the universe / God / Big Momma / whatever.

It’s time to celebrate it!

Our goal is to be a different type of place.

One that’s a safe place to explore and build your own spirituality.


Happy Cactus logoThere are all sorts of people that will tell you what you need to do so “He/She/Them” won’t hate you. “You’ve go to do it this way in order to make it.” But then they each have a different idea of what that way is! That makes no sense.  🙂

This group is not going to tell you what to do, but to encourage and support you as you develop your own relationship with the universe. Spiritual Intersections is a meetup where everyone has a voice.

Our goal is to create a safe, relaxed atmosphere where we can be open and honest. We question everything. No subject or opinion is out-of-bounds. Everyone’s viewpoint is valued. And we have fun.

most everyone attending Spiritual Intersections's Pizza NightWe come from a wide variety of belief systems, and we each have different views. All anyone can do is answer questions, share their perspective, and provide support.

Our goal is not consensus, but to explore, challenge ideas and learn from each other. In that process, we enrich our own individual spirituality. It’s a very informal group, with the topics each week being selected at the meetup.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, come explore with us.